Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which sectors does Afon Aur work with?

A: We have lots of expertise and experience in working successfully with and acroos all sectors, including large Public Sector organizations in central and local Government; organizations and businesses with multiple sites and interests in the UK and EU; Social Enterprises; Charities; SMEs and Micro Businesses in the Private Sector.

Q: What expertise does Afon Aur have?

A: We have extensive professional expertise in Human Resources, People and Organization Development. We also have specialist knowledge of Diversity, Change Management, Community Engagement and the Criminal Justice Sector (CJS), including policing and security in the UK and EU.

Q: What kinds of HR and Organization Development support does Afon Aur provide?

A: Expert Consultancy at Strategic and Operational level across the whole range of HR from pre entry to exiting including – but  not only – strategy; policy review and development; change management; employee resourcing including induction; terms and conditions; employee engagement and well-being; performance management including disciplinary cases; equality and diversity; working time; restructuring and redundancy issues including communications and TUPE; learning and development; partnership and community engagement; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); HR and Business Improvement strategies and delivery plans.

Q: What types of training does Afon Aur offer?

A: Bespoke training design and delivery to suit business and individual needs informed, where appropriate, by Learning Needs Analysis, staff surveys, individual assessment as required. We support blended and e-learning.

Q: How does Afon Aur work with businesses and organizations?

A: We have an extensive professional network and have built strategic alliances. The scope of the work informs whether we work individually or collaboratively with other experienced expert and like-minded professionals in Human Resources, People and Organization Development, as well as those involved in improving the Criminal Justice Sector, including Policing.
We can also work collaboratively with your other partners or suppliers and recommend other experts in related fields.

Q: How does Afon Aur work with individuals?

A: We offer coaching and mentoring to managers in a style which is tailored to suit each individual's needs and learning preferences.

Q: What is Afon Aur’s service provision?

A: We provide an efficient, up to date, innovative and results-driven service for individuals, businesses and organizations in the UK and EU. We tailor what we do to best meet our clients’ needs. This might include an on-going business relationship, virtual support by e-mail and telephone and advice outside normal working hours.

Q: Can you say more about Afon Aur’s Social Enterprise work?

A: We promote Diversity and Equality. We do this within our Social Enterprise arm by supporting Community Engagement and Opportunities for Young People and Women.

Q: What if my particular question is not answered above?

A: Please contact us to discuss your specific needs or to arrange a free introductory 30 minutes' telephone discussion.

Q: How can I contact Afon Aur Ltd?

A: Contact us by clicking here