Organizational Change: 'Payment by Results' A Firm Fair System?

  • The NoOffenceCIC Conference on Payment by Results will take place on 23rd May 2013 at Sheffield Hallam University, Chaired by Sir Martin Narey

    The Ministry of Justice has set out plans to ‘radically reform’ criminal justice, to punish offenders, protect the public and reduce reoffending and a return to “what the public wants from the criminal justice system: punishment and protection” But is this what the sector needs to “break the cycle of crime and reoffending”?
    Key Questions to be addressed will include:

    • Will Payment by Results (PbR) become just another way of implementing targets?

    • Or just another ‘untested’ approach as the probation and HMP Leeds PbR pilots have been ‘paused’?

    • Can PbR become an effective payment model for contractors, utilising taxpayer money more efficiently?

    • Will PbR encourage an environment of innovation and a thriving marketplace of providers to be built?

    • Will providers have the resources to invest?

    • Can contractors wait that long to be paid? How long is ‘long’?


    • Can the MoJ find the sweet spot between risk and reward that encourages competition?


    • Could the voluntary sector afford to compete or even take part?


    • How can ‘success’ be determined and who can claim that result when there may have been multiple interventions involved in achieving it?