Well Being: 'Broken Soldiers' Conference on 3rd July 2013

'Broken Soldiers' - the No OffenceCIC! Summer Conference at HMP Oakwood, Featherstone, West Midlands on 3rd July 2013 will focus on the increasing number of ex-military personnel entering the Criminal Justice System.

This Conference builds on the widely publicised, with lots media interest, in the NoOffenceCIC! conference on military veterans in 2012 and the production of 'Battle Scarred': Soldiers Behind Bars by award-winning filmmaker Chris Terrill, raising awareness that many thousands of service personnel will enter 'civvy street' over the next few years with the suggestion that a worrying percentage of those could enter the criminal justice system.
The Conference will address key questions such as:
Who is responsible when service personnel are discharged?
Do they get adequate resettlement back into the community?

Does the current situation fly in the face of the military covenant?